The Bege & Bege Company SRL, situated in the county of Harghita, is a company specialized in the building of wooden houses, with a large experience in wood processing industry. Our company is formed of a professional team, able to build wooden houses of any type and very fast. We are your partner for the construction of wooden houses and the manufacturing of wooden furniture for any tastes and budgets, on the entire territory of Romania and Europe.

The advantages of the healthy and environment-friendly wooden houses:

  • short building time compared to classic buildings
  • earthquake-resistance
  • low price, amounting to a maximum of 60-70% of the price of brick houses
  • best heat and sound insulation, for the lowest prices
  • the carrying out of any architectural style
  • easy renovation, rebuilding.

About wooden houses

Of all construction materials, wood is the only natural material. The building of a wooden house is an advantageous solution due to the quality of the material, the resistance to earthquakes and natural disasters. Besides these advantages, wooden houses also have other qualities, such as heat and sound insulation and the long-term reduction of costs. Our company was established in 1994 and since 1999 our main activity has been the construction of wooden houses, villas, chalets and environment-friendly houses of any type.

When moving into a wooden building it is not assumed that one moves into a large and beautifully decorated flat, but one shall enjoy the fresh air, the large garden and a landscape that is much more beautiful than the one seen from the flat's balcony. We, the Bege Bege company manufacture and trade wooden constructions. We manufacture and build wooden houses, wooden cottages, holiday houses, garrets for you.

How are wooden houses made?

The wooden constructions can be made of massive wood or based on a wood frame. For a massive wood construction, the thickness of wall elements can vary between 40 mm and 160 mm. The exterior walls can receive a 50, 100, 150 mm insulation. The insulation is covered by decorative plastering or wainscot of 19 mm. The houses can be built by applying the tongue-and-groove technique or by the "beam and post" structure or of prefabricated panels.

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For constructions built on a wooden frame, a wooden structure is built which shall support the walls and the roof-timbers. The insulation, the electric wires and water pipes are placed into this structure. This frame is covered on the inside and outside. For the outside flat or half-round wooden wainscot and plastering is most often used. For the inside flat wainscot or plaster board is used. We manufacture doors and windows of stratified wood, fit for insulated glass. The roof of these wooden constructions is prepared to receive a 100-200 mm thick insulation. The beams can be hidden or visible. We can deliver you these houses with strip floor. At the same time, we can build in sound insulated floor for the upper floor. The stairs and massive wood carpentry are manufactured according to the European standards.

How do we build the wooden houses

The first step in building a house is the purchasing of the appropriate land, followed by the carrying out of the project and the obtaining of the building permits. Once the building permit is obtained, the construction of the foundation and the connection to public utilities can start, while the Bege Bege Company manufactures the wooden house, delivers and builds it.

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